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7 Month Update

Note: Ack, we’re at nine months and I’m again playing catch-up with Beeb’s monthly updates. This is her 7 month update. Time is flying now that the weather is nice.


Seven months is probably my favorite month to date. Kaitlan is constantly buzzing with activity, and in month seven she really started offering feedback, playing independently and being really expressive and responsive. Plus there is something about having a baby in spring I think. We ate meals outdoors, took lots of walks — just many more memorable experiences than all the months we were stuck inside.

Kaitlan in her Poang Chair – 7 months from Kohler Created on Vimeo.

We also saw a huge leap as far as her emotional development. She really started offering instant feedback to the things she was experiencing as well as preferences — definitely showing that she’s remembering quite a bit.


Obviously her big movement development centered benchmark skills to crawl, but she also mastered the unassisted seating position and pulling to a standing position.

These skills have really allowed her to explore and enjoy playing independently (though she prefers if you’re next to her). The first few times she played independently after months of wanting to be held and entertained non-stop were some of the best of parenthood so far.


As I mentioned above, Beeb really got the hang of sitting up and self-entertaining in her seventh month. Her simple inspection of her toys has evolved moving them and manipulating them very thoughtfully.


In addition to toys, this is the first month that Beeb has really taken an interest in books, and she has favorites. Okay, she has one favorite. Here Comes Halloween, by Becki Ward. Seriously, she bounces with excitement every time she sees this book, and it’s the staple must-read every night before bed. I feel bad, like I should try to put other books in front of her, but she LOVES this book. I think it’s due to the size, simple pictures, short clippy text. And it has textures. It’s a win for Beeb.


Beeb still loves food (duh), and we continue to put new flavors, shapes and textures in front of her. Meat is still really hard to get just right, but we’re learning. She mastered eating from a squeeze pouch by herself and doesn’t want ANY help when she’s got one.


We worked quite a bit on the pinscher grip and getting things to her mouth more accurately. Getting closer! We’re also playing around with quite a few sippy cups and transition cups.


My favorite part of food with her this month is that she’s far enough along that we can be a little spontaneous. She can do a lot of “big people” food like steamed veggies and rice — things in small pieces. This has made some traveling and outings that would have been more difficult before a lot more fun.