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Clive’s New Collar

By June 30, 2011Clive


I know I promised our Kimchi Fish Taco recipe today, but I couldn’t help but share this first. We got our already spoiled Clive-dog a new collar. We make a huge deal out of everything we buy him, so when it came time to replace his collar, I spent weeks toiling over websites for the perfect pattern and randomly came across this collar on Etsy by Funky Mutt.


Space invaders! Perfect for the dog of two dorky gamers. I tried really hard to get a few shots of him in it, but he was really hyper yesterday. Therefore you get this…



When you have a rescued pet, purchases like these are naturally a big deal. Celebrating the reminder that they have come so far and are in such a better place than they used to be is the best gift. Clive has made huge strides this year, and there are moments when it really feels like he’s been here all along. We’ve even considered adopting another, but we’ll see…


  • What a cutie! He thanks you very much! :”)

  • Rachel says:

    Oh my little nephew looks so great in his new collar! He really DOES belong to you guys rockin that collar

  • Jessica CVR says:

    Love! You guys had the Martha Steward collar before, right? We replaced ours a few months ago too – that thing did not hold up! Hoffman didn’t get anything so cute as a space invaders collar, though. He’ll be jealous of Clive, I’m sure. Doesn’t time fly with them? I can’t even remember a night pre-snorefest in our house! Also – love the house – it’s looking great!

    • Jessica says:

      Clive’s held up pretty well, but he’s lost a little weight and the only thing holding the collar on was his ears lol. I’m hoping this one lasts a bit, it is fabric vs. leather.