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First-ish Halloween

By November 6, 2015Halloween, Holiday, Weekend


Since Kaitlan was but a wee Beeb last year on Halloween, this really felt like her first Halloween. We kept everything really simple, but still managed to have a lot of fun!

While we hoped she’d be big enough to fit into a few costumes my mom saved from my childhood, we improvised at the last minute with an idea one of the little girls in her swim class gave us. I was changing KK out of her swimsuit and back into the overalls Neil had chosen for her that day and she exclaimed loudly, “Mom! That little girl looks like a farmer girl!”


So we bought a little plaid shirt, a bandana and a hat to add to it, and we had ourselves a little farm girl — or any number of off-shoots people suggested. Lumberjack hipster? Future Indigo Girls album owner? Mountain woman? All worked. And Kaitlan didn’t immediately try to rip off the clothes, so it was perfect for a cool night trick-or-treating in the cul-de-sac.

Afterwards we enjoyed dinner and conversation with our parents. My mom made a killer mushroom soup that was to die for! We also ate all her Halloween candy and have been eating through the remainder of ours this week. I love Halloween!

How was your Halloween?