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Friday Link-up and Loving Lately

By December 19, 2014Friday Link-up, Jessica, MK, Neil

I swear I am the biggest failed blogger. These weeks, they go SO FREAKING FAST. And it’s really not like there is something monumental happening every day, but every day is a little different, you know? My blog would be epically boring if I was a daily blogger, but there is definitely enough that I should be checking in more than once a week.

Our fun this week has mostly centered around the Beeb (who is four-months-old this week!) discovering her ability to blow raspberries as a form of communication. She’s just starting to do it in direct reply to one of us doing it, but nonetheless, the amount of spit that is coming out of her mouth is astonishing. Leave it too long and it just covers her entire face and begins to crust over. She awoke from one of her naps over the weekend COMPLETELY covered in dry spit and looking like she’d been stranded at sea for several weeks.


We also got our first significant snowfall. So pretty — sorry for the anti-climatic picture.


And the other theme of my week, squats. All the squats. Definitely feel them working and I love that CrossFit is all about doing what you can do. Neil also PR’d his hang clean at 220 lb. I wish I could have gotten it on video!

Found around the web this week…

  • I’m a failed fermenter lately, but this Hot Pink Jalapeno Garlic Kraut from Nourished Kitchen looks amazing.
  • I sometimes lament having to carry Kaitlan around all. the. time., but I think this post from Ashley of Writing Chapter Three has pretty well shut me up.
  • Okay, I really thought she was saying Starbucks too…
  • With our annual Whole30 Challenge at the gym coming up, I’ve been pinning Crockpot meat recipes like this Chipotle Coffee Pulled Pork from Plaid & Paleo like mad.
  • With the snow and cold, I’m definitely inspired to expand my drink horizons with this hot drink round-up from Elana’s Pantry.
  • I seriously want someone to film me in a slow-motion lift someday. There have been few ways to better express the immense beauty, power and love of lifting that I have to someone *outside* of it better than Hook Grip’s videos.

Have a great weekend!