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Larousse Gastronomique

By June 7, 2012May 22nd, 2013Books, Cool Stuff, Food, Jessica


While at my parents house for dinner on Sunday, I ran across an older edition (1961) of Larousse Gastronomique in the study. My mom has no idea where she got it or how long she’s even had it, but was kind enough to lend it to me after noticing my wide-eyed stare and fan kid excitement.


If you’re new to the title, Larousse Gastronomique is a very thorough encyclopedia of gastronomy. It covers mostly French cuisine, but also includes some non-French techniques and dishes. If you love getting lost in the formality of traditional cooking techniques, this is a must have.


Absorption is my favorite entry so far…


Felix intrigued by fromage…

As that weird child who used to lock herself in closets for hours to read from an ancient (from the ’50s) set of encyclopedias, having this book around has been a pretty epic time suck for me. I don’t think my family really understands my fervor for cultish foodie stuff, especially books and hard to find products or ingredients. Remember when I finally found Jeni’s ice cream in Kansas City? Or when I baked my first loaf of bread in a pot? I don’t know why I dork out on this stuff, but I guess we all have our “thing” right?

Have you ever come across an exciting find that other people just didn’t “get”?