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Meal Planning (9/6-9/12)

By September 9, 2015Food, Menu Planning, MK, Paleo, Toddler Meals

We’re back! So I’ll just come out and say it: Neil is an amazing bargain hunter when it comes to proteins.


On Friday, he came across a ridiculous deal on pork butt at Schnucks — 79 cents per pound! Needless to say we’ll be eating pulled pork for a good part of this week. He smoked it on Sunday and I’m not ashamed to admit that Kaitlan’s bedtime was delayed because we were hovering over the stove eating the ends with our fingers.


On Saturday, he also made an impromptu super spicy dirty rice and kielbasa dish that was to die for. Because the weather is finally hot enough for tomatoes, we’ve been eating several bags-worth from my mom. It’s bittersweet — I’m definitely not looking forward to grocery store tomatoes again over winter.


We hoped that changing things up a bit would help Kaitlan’s boredom with straight baked chicken and veggies. She used to just eat whatever we put in front of her without pause, but she’s definitely showing a trend of being more discerning and wanting change or different tastes. She loved the kielbasa and rice and the pulled pork and sweet potato tots we had on Monday.

Some other fun ideas we’d like to try:


I like that these ideas use/incorporate things we already eat regularly and have around the house and just presents them in new and delicious ways. One of my new local CrossFit friends also suggested the site Thriving Home for more ideas, so I’ll be checking that out.

Have you dealt with toddler food boredom? What did you do? I refuse to end up here.

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  • Rachel says:

    I am not surprised that she gets bored with food. She wants to try all the things! How did she respond to the spicy food?