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Meal Planning (9/20-9/26)

By September 23, 2015Food, Menu Planning, MK, Toddler Meals


Happy Hump Day! Our meal planning this week feel totally on point and we’ve been on this upward trend of getting our food act together on the weekends. Of course, as I say that, we have another out-of-town weekend coming our way for Neil’s race. That being said, I *think* we can hold it together.


On Sunday we prepped 2 pounds of chicken, 2 pounds of hamburgers, Sweet Potato Casserole (technically made Saturday, cut the sugar significantly), pumpkin spice muffins and donuts, and kale chips. While I know many people prep way more, this is by far the most we’ve gotten done in a few months on a Sunday. We spent about $70-ish for everything and it’s enough to get us to Thursday-Friday on lunches and dinners.

We’ve introduced a few more grains into Beeb’s life. She had her first PBJ (half on whole-wheat) over the weekend and has had toast on the same bread a few times. It’s big kid food! She’s also still really digging the kale chips — which I’m loving because it’s just another easy way to get greens into her diet.


I’m thinking our snacks for race weekend will be mostly packets (for Beeb), PBJ, puffs and cheerios and that we’ll munch on granola bars, trail mix, and maybe another batch of muffins. We last took Beeb to the track at 7 months, so I’m excited (and nervous) to see what 13 months will be like! With that said…

Have any toddler snack must-haves for us?