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Midwestce Fall BBQ

By October 12, 2009Art, Photography

We took our new toy to the Midwestce (Midwest Car Enthusiasts) Fall Barbeque to take some shots and see a few of our friends that were attending. We’ve been absent so long that we’re not all that familiar with a lot of the more active people. Most of the people we know are on the settle down kick. In addition, in our late twenties, a lot of the younger people just aren’t relatable to us at ::gulp:: nearly 30. However we got to see Atif and Stu, who has just purchased a lovely Mazda “FD” RX-7.

Atif and I (this is his photo, not ours)


Stu’s new car! Beautiful!

Although it was beautiful on Saturday, it wasn’t very warm, so after about an hour of standing outside, we headed out to explore Missouri fall scenery. Neither of us had ever been to Rochport or Boonville, so we headed West and took some more shots.

All in all it was a great weekend. We played games, cleaned, started our fall-cleanup at the house and took some beautiful engagement shots of Anja and Steve. The weekends seem so fleeting this time of year. There are so many things going on and so much you want to fit in before it gets cold and you can’t do them as easily or as comfortably. I’d still like to get a fall camping trip in, but we’ll see.

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