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Random Thursday

By January 10, 2013January 16th, 2013Camping, Clive, DIY, Dogs, Food, House, Matilda

This week has been killer. If there was any question, the holidays are DEFINITELY over, and it’s back to work big time for both of us. I woke up yesterday thinking it was Thursday! Anyhow, here are some of the random things going on around here…


Our old ’80s humidifier finally kicked the bucket this winter (not before bleaching a spot on my carpet to mark its passing — grr!), so I told Neil to look around, research, and pick what he thought was best. He picked this one, and now instead of just our bedroom, it takes care of the WHOLE house. Look at that thing, it’s bigger than Clive! Thanks for posing buddy, mommy appreciates it. Notice a trend that Neil tends to go BIG when he buys stuff? Remember the pressure cooker this fall?


He even bought a remote so we know exactly the humidity percentage levels in whatever room the remote is in. I think we’re a little device crazy…


Matilda would like a clause added to her contract to insure she gets one creepy staring photo per post.


My mother-in-law joined Pinterest, and I’m reaping the awesome reward. It looks amazing at night, but it’s hard to get a good photo of. I’ll try again tonight.


Everyone on Facebook and Twitter is saying they are sick or feel like they’re getting sick. I stocked up on Emergen-C on Amazon. There’s some irony in drinking tropical-flavored vitamin supplements to avoid getting sick in the winter in the midwest.


I also bought this. We played it with Patrick and Jen on our ski trip last year and it’s my second favorite game to Cards Against Humanity. It’s easy to learn, and doesn’t require a lot of mental effort to play (read: perfect while drinking). It’s also lightweight and doesn’t have a lot of pieces, so I might throw it in our packs for backpacking.


My MIL gifted us a ton of dried fruit on their visit a week ago. I’ve never really had dried pineapple like this (it’s always in some mystery processed shape as part of some over-sugared mix), but it’s amazing. A little crunchy, a little chewy in some parts, but the flavor is like candy. I’m sure will make a mess of my dehydrator, but I must try to make it again, along with some banana chips, which we’ve already eaten all of.

Now back to surviving the rest of this week. So far I don’t feel like I’m winning.

How’s your week going?