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A Texas-style Bon Voyage to Blake


I don’t think any of us were in doubt that eventually the day would come when Blake would move away. You’re in a long distance relationship, you decide to look for jobs and eventually the right one comes along. And although Blake and I have always had a very surprising, non-traditional relationship (he’s my high school ex-boyfriend), I feel like I’m losing a brother. To Texas of all places. I won’t say I wasn’t a little worried at first. What will slender, geeky, politically progressive, non-hyper-masculine Blake do in a place like Texas!? He’ll stick out like a sore thumb! So Neil and I did some thinking…




…and really, what better way to camouflage Blake than with a huge shiny new pair of truck nuts! If you can believe it, this classy accessory was on our Jeep Jeep when we bought it. We knew immediately that when Blake’s day of Missouri-departure finally arrived, that they would find their new home, zip-tied to his bumper. Best of luck Blake!


  • I love it! Blake will fit right in!

    • Jessica says:

      at least in the way of trucknuts. If you were staying longer, I’d have him look you up. He likes running as well and would probably jump in some races.

  • Blake says:

    The move, It’s been a trip, one of those things that I wasn’t sure it it was actually going to happen any time soon, I had been trying for a good 2 years, but guess what, but it finally has. Its truly what I want, at the same time, it was sad to leave great friends behind.

    I’ll have you know that the truck nuts stayed attached all the way to Houston! I did however remove them once we got to U-Haul to drop off the trailer, I was afraid they would drag.