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Friday Link-up and Loving Lately

By March 31, 2017Friday Link-up

It’s been forever and a day since I’ve done Friday Link-up and Loving Lately. I think it’s mostly because I feel like I’ve lived in a cave and haven’t been exposed to a lot of cool new things, but it’s been a bit now so I’ve had time to accumulate.

Friday Link-up and Loving Lately

NoBull Everything

So in the past two weeks I’ve pretty much acquired what I feel is a ton of No Bull gym gear. My shoes had holes so I replaced them with NoBull Trainers, and then Neil bought me the Duffelback in NoBull because I was looking to replace my Lily Pond (no longer made). And then he surprised me with the special edition “Cheat Meal” trainers. So far EXTREMELY happy with both. Shoes are always hit or miss for me. I’ve enjoyed New Balance, STR/KE MOVEMENT, INOV8, and the Reebok Spartans, but did not like that Nanos. These have been perfect, they fit like a dream right out of the box!

I haven’t totally had the chance to break the bag in just yet, but love the compartments, durability and add-ons so far!

This is just my work collection at this point…

Vacuum-insulated Drinkware

Random, yes. And again, late to the trend of the brilliance of this technology, but I’m in love. Neil and I over Christmas ended up with two YETI/RTIC can coozies, and 20-oz and 26-oz stainless steel tumblers (latter is by Quench), and they are all used nearly every day. Coffee stays hot all day, I’ve had ice last the better part of 2 days (just did it for testing) — mind is completely blown.

Fit & Active Flatbread

I did a really good job of eliminating bread and a good chunk of the grains I was eating during Whole30 this year. Since then, I’ve redone my macros and have worked to stick to them as much as possible. I found these flatbreads at Aldi, and they’ve been perfect for adding alongside salads or meat, as well as quick PB+banana sammiches for KK. They make it easy to “make it all fit” as far as the numbers go.

By the way, if you don’t shop at Aldi, you are missing out. We save so much money and it makes shopping each week so much easier.

A Soft Murmur

One of our soon-to-be new team members at work introduced me to this app. I love noise while I work, but I ping back and forth on the level of noise and type that works best with the tasks I’m on. Sometimes I can watch movies or listen to podcasts and do great, other times I need much more deconstructed noise for better focus. This little app has been perfect. It’s web-based, has adjustable levels and different sounds to play with, and best of all, it’s so calming. It’s perfect for not only work, but yoga or meditation. Give it a try!


Perfect Bars

I can blame Patrick for getting me hooked to these during our last trip to Colorado. They are so good, like dessert, and have a pretty impressive pedigree of ingredients and quality. Unfortunately, they are only sold at one place in town!

On the Fly Dinner Success

Neil picked up a pork loin on Wednesday (It’s been forever since’ve cooked one up), and made this amazing stuffed pork loin on the fly. I’m the type of person who needs a recipe for everything, so I’m so grateful Neil can do stuff like this. It makes healthy eating so much easier to stick to if your husband just has base recipes in his head and available for use.


Favorite Links of the Moment

  • ReadHow Instagram became the new Oprah’s Book Club. I know this has been true for me, I get all my recommendations from there.
  • Eat: I want this Poke-inspired Beet Bowl. Badly.
  • Eat more: And while we’re at it, these wonton meatballs.
  • Do: We’re still in the age of toddler and short trips (also tons of luggage), but eventually it’d be cool to tackle pieces of the now 400 mile hiking/biking trail that Missouri will have that will connect Kansas City to St. Louis.
  • Read: For a bit of random news, a study was conducted to see what kind of exercise is best for the brain. Before reading, what’s your guess? You might be surprised!
  • Read: KK’s not yet old enough to really discern what I’m reading to her too much, but I’m already creating lists. Here’s a great list of multicultural picture books about inspiring girls and women.

Any cool new finds or reads in your world lately?