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Our new Jeep Liberty diesel!

By January 25, 2010Automotive, Jessica, Neil

Finally got around to getting it somewhat clean and snapped some quick pics.

We looked for quite some time to figure out what kind of vehicle we wanted.¬†Originally we were looking at all-wheel drive Subaru’s and things, but when we found that Jeep made a diesel SUV we decided to give them a look.

We bought the Liberty for its utility and the fact that it can capably tow my 350Z to race tracks. Unlike other SUV’s, it gets nearly 30mpg on the highway and has loads of torque thanks to the diesel platform. Being an SUV, the Liberty will also be great for hauling other things, and the 4×4 will be great in the winter. Even just the ground clearance makes it a lot more useful for things our cars can’t tackle like those backwood camping spots.

Other than my Z we are now a diesel-only family as Jes’s VW is a turbo diesel as well and gets around 50mpg on the highway. It was important to us that this vehicle not only do all the things we want it to do, but also be as environmentally responsible and considerate as possible.

  • 2006 Liberty CRD
  • 2.8l diesel made by VM Motori
  • 36k miles
  • tow pkg

DSC_0011 DSC_0009 DSC_0008

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