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Neil’s Five Guilty Pleasures

By November 6, 2009April 16th, 2010Automotive, blogging, Neil


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I don’t think there is anything like a really ice cold beer. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not the beer pounding, beer-bonging college kid type, I just enjoy a couple or few cold ones now and then.  Especially if it is a very hot summer day; I don’t think anything tastes as good after a few hours of really hot yard work than a really cold beer.  Working on my car? Yup, beer and it goes hand in hand as well.

2. Wings

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Often the compliment to beer, wings. If you know me you know I really enjoy spicy food. Wings are great, and I love to try the spiciest as well as new flavors I have never tried before. If they weren’t so unhealthy I would probably have them at least once a week!

3. Spirited Drives and Racing

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Whether it’s just myself taking some back roads home, or I am in full race mode on the track I don’t think anything really centers my mind like a good spirited drive. I used to take these all the time when I lived alone, because it was a way to get out of the house and really enjoy the evening. I always feel great after a nice drive or a track day. I am not sure what it is but since I can remember I was totally entranced with cars.  As a child I had my own little car I pushed around the yard obsessively, and when I was 16, I bought a vintage mustang and never was without a sports car since.

4. Coffee

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Most mornings I must have my cup of coffee.  Nothing fancy, just regular coffee with 1 non dairy cream, and 1 splenda. I don’t know how I would function without it. I know at some point I will probably have to get my teeth whitened because of this, but I do typically brush them right after I drink my cup.

5. My Car


One of the things I am proud of is my car. I am not near as OCD as I used to be about it, but I do pride myself in that I do keep my things very nice and take care of them well.  I also worked very hard for this as I am by no means a wealthy guy or from a wealthy family.  Recently paid off, it feels good to have some sort of tangible fruits of your labor and some sort of feeling of accomplishment even if it is something as materialistic as a car. As time goes by it will be transformed into a pure track car and I will be able to do some things I never thought possible in my life.

What are your guilty pleasures?


  • J.D. says:

    Fun post! Any favorite place to gets wings from? And do you ever like any coffee concoctions other than regular?

  • Neil says:

    Wings..hmmm, we really like CJ’s here in Columbia. Their wings are much larger and of higher quality than most other wings I have had. I would say they are comparible to Wing Stop in Springfield. Otherwise Trumans here in Columbia has a lot of flavors and they are better than Buffalo Wild Wings. However if we are in a city and there is nothing but Hooters or BWW, I am not picky, either are still pretty decent.

    I used to love the espresso drinks, but as I get older they are just really too sweet for me. I like a couple sips of Jessica’s, but I really just prefer a medium body coffee with 1 cream, 1 splenda. My favorite flavoring is probably Hazelnut if I get a flavored coffee.